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    20 $7

    40 $14

    80 $27

    100 $32

    200 $62

    500 $147

    1000 $287

    2000 $560


    20 $10

    40 $20

    80 $38

    100 $45

    200 $88

    500 $210

    1000 $410

    2000 $800


    20 $11

    40 $22

    80 $42

    100 $50

    200 $97

    500 $231

    1000 $451

    2000 $880

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Do you design custom logos for my brand?

While we occasionaly fix issues with uploaded artwork, we do not offer custom logo design. We would personally recommend finding an artist on to help with this request.

How can I reach your team?

To reach our team, click the chat bubble on the bottom right corner of every page. And yes, you'll reach a real human.

Do you offer any other sizes?

We currently offer 35PT One-Touch and 35PT Horizontal Toploader.

How can I track my order?

Shipping notifications are sent immediatly following print to the email address used during the checkout process. From time to time, USPS does not scan items every step from acceptance to delivery. If tracking on your order has not updated after 1 business day, your item is in transit and will reach you in 3-5 business days on average. International Shipping takes 1-4 weeks on average. With tracking numbers, we know what you know! Thank you for your patience.

I need to re-stock, how can I repeat my order?

Click repeat order in the main menu. Select the desired size, material and quantity followed by the original order number.

Can I pay via PayPal?

We have decided to no longer accept payments via PayPal do to their lack of customer service, buyer and seller protection and platform security vulnerabilities.