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Are you a dedicated hobbyist or trading card enthusiast looking to preserve and showcase your collection with style? Look no further than Mag Seals – the ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuable cards in magnetic holder cases.

Mag Seals are die-cut and ready-to-use accessories designed to fit seamlessly onto standard 35pt or 130PT magnetic holder cases.

Our high gloss seals provide residue-free, removable protection, ensuring your cards remain pristine while allowing for effortless repositioning. Need something a bit more permanent? Our cracked ice and silver holo seals offer premium semi-permanent adhesion, delivering long-lasting security and a touch of sophistication to your display.

Priced competitively to suit every budget, Mag Seals offer exceptional value for the quality they deliver. Starting at just $7 for a pack of 100 high gloss seals, $10 for silver holo, and $11 for cracked ice, protecting your collection has never been more affordable. 

Elevate your card collecting experience with Mag Seals – because your collection deserves nothing less than the best.

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